12th - 14th June 2020

Sidmouth Literary Festival 2020

The Sidmouth Literary Festival is a must visit event for all those who love literature, writing, books and creative words in general. Running 12th to 14th June in 2020, it promises to once again bring some big names to the small town of Sidmouth.

Last year, the crowds of people who visited the festival got the privilege of welcoming famous names such as Ann Cleeves (author), Alex Woodcock (local stonemason) and Tim Pears (author). 

The events that take place over two days range from talks with authors to motivation on how to get your novels published. Many aspects of the festival are free, but events and workshops require tickets which can be purchased online. 

All the literary events last year took place at Sidmouth's beautiful Georgian Kennaway House, right in the heart of Sidmouth, and just a short walk from The Belmont Hotel. Therefore we're the perfect place to stay over the Sidmouth Literary Festival weekend. 

Whether you're a literary festival veteran or are looking to visit your first one this year, the Sidmouth event is not to be missed.