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An Interview with Our General Manager

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The four-star hotel General Manager, Tim Beauchamp, took time out of his busy schedule to lift the lid on the hard work and dedication involved in running The Belmont Hotel. 

What is your favourite part about working at The Victoria Hotel?

You meet so many regular guests who keep returning throughout the year. I found there are not many places quite like it. It’s nice to see guests arrive, check in and then very quickly they relax into their stay. It is great (gratifying) to see people go home feeling happy and looking better after paying a visit to the Victoria. I have always been a people person and enjoy being in an environment where you can talk to people and build up a relationship with the guests and they return because they enjoy what you do.

What is one memory that sticks out for you from working for Brend Hotels?

I met my wife Suzanne at the hotel when I was an Assistant Manager, whilst she started working at the hotel on a university placement from UWIC in Cardiff. Suzanne was studying for a hospitality degree at the time. We have now been married for 20 years and have 2 children, Daniel (18-years-old) and Sophie (12-years-old).

What is your favourite thing to do in Sidmouth?

I do enjoy from time to time going for a walk through the Byes. This is a walk taking you from the Toll House along to the village of Sidford. It is a lovely meandering walk for around 2 miles along the side of the River Sid.

Who or what brought you into the hospitality industry?

My mum and dad had friends that lived locally to us in Tewin, Hertfordshire, called Dave and Pauline Loom. I went to school with their son and daughter, Rachel and Rupert. They ran a local Motel called The Clock. When I wanted my first part-time job through the summer around the age of 14, I went to help out in the kitchen washing up and preparing food. They then asked if I wanted to work in the Restaurant as a part-time waiter. It was at this point, I realized properly that I wanted to work in the catering industry!

If you could sum up your time at The Belmont Hotel in one word, what would it be?


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