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Meet our Gardeners

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Their dedication and hard work has seen the Victoria and the Belmont hotel take home numerous awards for Sidmouth in Bloom over the years, and with no surprise, the gardens are a spectacular marvel for all.

"I love creating vibrant and colourful beds and borders for the guests, staff and public to admire. I became a gardener because I enjoy being outside and the many different aspects that continue to interest me."

Lee, Head Gardener

Made up of just 4 individuals who tend to both The Victoria and Belmont Hotel gardens, they are out come rain or shine, all year round. Head Gardener Lee, says “the biggest challenge has got to be the weather, and how the seasons vary, one day you need the sun and one day the rain - it keeps us on our toes.”

The Belmont Hotel prides itself on outstanding garden displays. With three acres to tend to, our team of gardeners are hard at work all year round. Every season brings its own charms; whether it’s the brand new blooms of spring, summer's righteous colours, the golden display of autumn, or winter's frosty majesty, our gardens are always a delight to stroll through.

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